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Examples of poetry with personification (romantic love)

Examples of poetry with personification

romantic love messages

She rests in her rose wood bed, love poems or him.
under a cover of velvet red;
old and alone and overlooked,
she longs for the love she once had.

By and by she reviews his touch

on the bend of her hips
also, her bosom
as he moved his bow
on the strings of her spirit,
playing her sound
until his energy was spent.
They ventured to every part of the entire world over,
to each city and town;
the maestro, his bow and violin,
cutting each window ornament down.
He kicked the bucket in a cry of sweet hold back,
gripping her strings to his heart;
as he tumbled to the floor in a last reprise,
destroying her reality.
So she dozes in her rose wood bed,
under a cover of velvet red;

her strings despite everything filled

with the tune of her spirit,
carved by the maestro
that adored her
such a long time ago!
My heart throbs when I converse with you
My heart throbs when I don’t get notification from you
My heart throbs when I long for you.
I don’t have a clue why
You’ve assumed control over my considerations
I can’t clarify
You’re as yet an outsider
Far away
romantic love as the basis for marriage is
I need you close by
I miss your grip
Holding you close
My heart is poems.
I can’t survive without you
Since you turned into my heart.
I can’t inhale without you
Since you turned into my affection.
I can’t envision me without you
Since you turned into my fantasy.
Without consent I love you

Since you are my love poems

Your lips talk delicate pleasantness
Your touch a cool stroke
I am lost in your enchantment
My heart thumps inside your chest.
I consider you every morning
Furthermore, dream of you every night
I think about your arms being around me
Also, can’t communicate my pleasure.
Never have I fallen
Be that as it may, I am rapidly on my way
You grasp a heart. ove poems about him.
That has at no other time been parted with.
I need be the breeze that fills your sail


Be the hand that lifts your cover
Be the moon that moves your tides
The sun coming up in your eyes
romantic love messages for her
Be the sparkle that illuminates you
The sum total of what that you’ve been longing for
What’s more, more … a lot more
I need be your beginning and end!
At the point when you wake up
I’ll be the primary thing you see,

I’ll appreciate your poems for her, 

I’ll complete your Contemplations
I’ll be your compass when you get lost,
romantic love poems
I stay here considering you,
I just can’t take you off my brain.
I attempt a wide range of activities,
Be that as it may, there, is just a single thing I find …
Your picture of excellence and pleasantness.
My psyche meanders to you with extraordinary enjoyment,romantic love definition
What’s more, my soul is heartily taking off;
You are my reference point of controlling light,
My heart thumps more grounded, rapidly thundering.
I miss you, come to me my ,dear,
Without you I am nevertheless a desolate being.
My life rotates around you, requiring you,
My spirit is in strife anticipating our association,
What’s more, bliss is nevertheless a fantasy without you,
Goodness, my darling, I love you beyond a reasonable doubt!

romantic love messages,romantic love songs

love poems about her

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