Cure the piles problem

Chance to Cure the piles problem

Piles are the condition where the blood vessels get enlarged abnormally and swollen in the anus and lower rectum area. Results of this is, itchiness mingled with severe pain and person will not be able to tolerate beyond a limit. If not taken care at the beginning or at the correct point, blood vessels rupture and move out of the place causing bleeding and this will be very dangerous position to be in. Best way to get cured of this problem is getting operated and removing the piles.

Piles surgery in Singapore

Treatment of the piles

Piles surgery in Singapore is normally a very simple procedure and the surgery won’t take much time. Under normal circumstances, patient may not need to stay in the hospital for more than a day. But depending on the complication of the piles and seriousness, doctors may ask them to extend the stay by a day or two. But it won’t be required to stay beyond that in the hospital. One common advice for the patients who are supposed to get under the knife for the piles issue is not to drink or eat anything 8 hours before the surgery. Once the surgery is done and piles are removed, they can resume their normal diet. One suggested diet is to have foods which have the higher fiber content and drink lots of water. They should avoid taking any food that will cause either constipation or diarrhea. You can contact the doctor to have more personal diet plan for you.