Cognitive Development – Preschool Game

Preschool education is the best place to prepare children for formal school education. It focuses on learning new skills and fostering development, all with a high degree of fun without any pressure on the child. Children who are ready to go to preschool are in the development stage of their thinking skills, and preschool games create an environment for this cognitive development.

Here are some preschool activities that contribute to cognitive development:


Role play or simulate play allows children to use their imagination to create new stories and ideas. They develop images in the mind and try to understand how this or that character will behave. It also allows them to understand the role of things and people in various areas of life, such as a doctor, a chef and a firefighter.

kids cognitive development


Preschoolers understand the concepts very quickly, so using puzzles with numbers, alphabets, shapes, colors and sizes intrigues them much more than you can imagine. Blocks, form classifiers, riddles also make them think outside their normal mental limits, and try different things using their thought processes.

Rhymes and finger games

Music stimulates feelings very effectively. Listening to children’s rhymes and learning songs related to counting and forming words leaves a deep impression on their memory and encourages them to learn in a fun way.

Memory development

Teachers in preschool institutions play an important role in kids cognitive development by reintroducing children to activities and tools or toys that were made or used, for example, a week ago. This makes them think in terms of distance, and a simple attempt to remember works very well. Concrete experiences help children remember the past, so try to get carried away by old questions and toys.