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mariyam dawood

Humanitarians bring a country out of the mud: Mariyam Dawood

The country of Pakistan had quite a disturbing beginning of the new millenium. The country was under the veil of terroristic attack threats, with the safety reduced to minimum. The natural conditions of the country during this period weren’t great, either. Pakistan had survived two large earthquakes, several floods, as well as a drought. Consequently, the crops were ruined, the livestock was diminishing and the roofs covering the heads of theese people were destroyed. The country had a great obstacle to surpass. Fortunately for the people, The Dawood Foundation, Mariyam and Bashir’s foundation, had made great efforts to step in and ease the situation these people were in.

mariyam dawood

Floods endanger Pakistan, The Dawoods to the rescue

The Foundation backed with volounteers became involved in helping the victims providing the basic necessities for them such as food, water and shelters, as well. With great effort, they were collecting funds, rebuilding fire-stricken houses and procuring supplies. What is the most fascinating is the motivation of the heads of the foundation, Mariyam dawood and Bashir. Their motivation is purely philantropic and humanistic and people should always reach out and  help each other when in need, at least according to the Dawood family. Throughout the years, they have also enrolled in other activities concerning the overall well-being of Pakistan and its people, especially helping the foundation of their University and provide better learning opportunities for the Pakistani students. Moreover, they are reaching with the helping hand of their foundation for the other parts of the world, clearing the boundaries and spreading happiness around.

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